September 26, 2023

scoreblox Data Entry App is live on the Android PlayStore bringing you the latest features of Score Data Entry as the game happens.

  1. QR code for a LIVE or PAST cricket match to share with others
  2. Cover your local game events and share with friends and family across the globe.
  3. Set-up local Club events and Invite other teams to join in.
  4. Easy to score data entry points and more features.
  5. Every aspect of the game rules covered for an error-free LIVE coverage.
  6. Customise your Match event as per the even rules. The maximum overs per innings and the number of players for each side can be customised too.
  7. Switch between your substitues and the players can be recalled into the playing squad.
  8. Admins can add in various Users as scorers or commentators and assign a game(s) or a whole event(s) to them for covering the matches.
  9. Detailed scorecard and ball-by-ball timelines visible at all times.